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     Central Plains Automotive : Services

Auto Locating Services: -----------------------------------------------------------

If you are looking or in need of a vehicle that we do not have in stock, You are in luck!!
Plains Automotive
has access to many different automotive wholesale markets that sell hundreds and thousands of vehicles each week right here in the midwest. Central Plains Automotive stays in contact with many dealerships right here in Iowa and are always keeping up on who wants to wholesale what and what cars are available. For the extremely special vehicles, Central Plains Automotive can help too!! We have the access to view data bases and list of wholesale vehicles and program cars from coast to coast and everything in between. So you can pick up the phone or email us to have us look for your next vehicle today.

Vehicle Maintenance and service Work: --------------------------------------

           - Oil Changes and Inspections
           - Brake Work
           - General Scheduled Maintenance
           - Interstate Battery Dealer
           - Starters and Alternators
           - Misc Electrical Components(ex. Power Windows, Blower Motors, Stereo, etc.)
           - 12V Electrical Items- Ag related items, Winches, Wiring, Trailers, etc..
           - Remote Starters- Service and Installations
           - Other Misc Work- Call for Questions

Cleaning: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

           - We offer Small Mini-Detail Packages at a very affordable Price.

           Other Vehicle Cleaning Services Include but not limited to:
           - Waxing
           - Paint Protection
           - Wheel Acid Cleaning
           - Buffing
           - Interior Cleaning and Stain Removal
           - Headlight Renewel
           - Tar And Road Grime Removal
           - Bug Removal
           - Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Odor Elimination Service : --------------------------------------------------------
           - Vehicles ( Smells Such as Cigarette Smoke, Fire Smoke, Animal, Odors, Mildew and Mold, Food,               Carpet, Upholstry, and Many other Unwanted Odors
           - We will also a service to use our state-of the art process in many other environments such as
              Real Estate and Rental Properties, Campers, Horse Trailer Living Quarters, and Many others...
           - We also offer cleaning service to other items other than just Vehicles:
                   - Tractors
Trailers (with and without Living Quarters)
RVs and Campers
Small Multi Purpose Vehicles

         Attn: We Don't do MOTORCYCLES!!!!!

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