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NADA:   www.nada.com

NADA is the most widely used book for the Auto Industry. Most Banks use this Book for determining loan value on vehicles and Car Dealers use this as a general base book for determining values on used vehicles. BUT keep in mind These are just National avg values and each region has vehicles that change daily in their demand and wholesale and retail values will adjust accordingly to their demand. For example, the demand on  convertibles are low in the winter months in IOWA, but may go higher the same months in Arizona!!!


KBB:   www.kbb.com

Kelley Blue Book is just another GUide, more widely used in the Private Party  Market.


Edmunds:   www.edmunds.com

Good place to look at Reviews, Ratings, Safety Concerns, and Statistics.


Fuel Economy.gov:   www.fueleconomy.gov

Great place to look up the EPA's estimated fuel mileage of Vehicles.

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